Friday, December 05, 2008

We have all had experiences where our situation was not going our way. We either accepted it or tried different tactics to change the outcome. These tactics are often learned while growing up and then perfected as an adult.

As the youngest sibling of three, there was an occasion when my brothers didn’t let me play with them. I had remembered this when my brother asked me to play with him at a later time. As a result of this, I made him promise me that he wouldn’t play with our other brother before I agreed to play with him. This gave me the upper hand in our sibling rival hood and ensured me a playmate till Tonka Trucks and Barbie Dolls went out.

These childhood games are no different as adults, they are just better polished techniques used to get what we want. This is same reason why we are nice to those in positions of power. Have you noticed that people are nicer to you when you are higher on the totem pole? It’s not because you are suddenly more likable, it is because people try to control their environments to their favor. We learn our environments and build relationships with those who have the power to get our agendas met.

This can also mean ostracizing our competition. When individuals have a problem with another person they often try to get other to dislike that person as well. They don’t call is a rat race for nothing.

These political games are not confined to individuals, groups, families or organizations and they are not found in one gender, race or location. They are every where and affect us in everyday life. The only way to avoid falling victim to political games are to acknowledge and recognize the techniques used.

Corporate politics are not necessary good or bad. It is a function of many agendas. We should accept this and learn to understand it fully to understand its utility.



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