Monday, December 01, 2008

Everyday I am becoming more aware of the important role politics plays in an organization and the role it has played in getting me to where I am today. If you had explained corporate politics to me 10 years ago, I might have thought twice about choosing a career that required working with or in an organization. I definitely would have reconsidered anything that involved interaction with others or working in teams! After all, I considered myself as someone who did not “play games” and would never partake in such deceptive behaviors.

Yet, I have learned through group discussions with Gary and Colin and by reading their book that politics does not have to mean deception or self-serving behaviors. Politics can also provide structure to an organization and, when properly managed, encourage diverse opinions and healthy competition. Positive politics can also provide a basis for personal growth and leadership development.

Someone once told me, “no one will ever care about your career more than you do.” This saying has stuck with me over the years and served as a guide when I needed to make critical career moves or decisions. Recently this saying served as a reminder that politics will always play a factor in my career because they are inherent to organizational life. Thus, it is up to me, for the future success of my career, to understand them and learn how to handle them effectively.

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Blogger KyleandNikki said...

Hi Erika,

I enjoyed reading your post and could really connect with what you were discussing in terms of viewing politics in a positive light. It was just a couple months ago that I had such a negative view of politics (as most people do). Reading Gary and Collin's book was empowering for me because they offered so many suggestions of how to deal with politics without being under-handed or deceitful. It is encouraging to know that I can deal with politics without compromising my values!

6:17 PM  
Blogger Desiree said...

I agree that my perspective on politics has changed over the years. From being oblivious to politics, to recognizing politics and power struggles, to now engaging and finding my own power and influences in politics. I see now that it isn't about being deceptive as you mentioned, but can play a positive role in growth and development, both for my own career and in my role as a consultant when I coach others. To continue to bulid my own self awareness, understand and refine my views of politics will be beneficial which is something I didn't think about prior to this class.

11:54 AM  

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