Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Having grown up in a political family and working with several political elections I saw how nasty politics can be. Recently with the elections and trash that is brought up about people and their family shows that some people are willing to use any method they can in order to try and get ahead. In life we are all running a race. It is important to understand the how and why of situations. Corporate Politics provides an insight on how to play fairly and identify the situations instead of having to react to them.

I believe that it is important to apply politics within a workplace in order to try and accomplish an agenda. I have taken principles that have been discussed in class and applied them and I have had different results than I previously did. Unfortunately some people don’t believe that politics exist, but there are so many events that go on that are purely political interests.

After Colin’s lecture on the Victim, Rescuer and Attacker I had a situation at work where I was the rescuer. I said to the original attacker “don’t be a victim”. The original victim started laughing and I explained to her what I had learned in the class about corporate Politics. The original victim then proceeded to tell others about what had happened and I explained that in order to change the way politics is played it is important to first identify the political games.

I am excited to explore the area of corporate politics even further and try to find more ways to identify political events within organizations.


Blogger Eric Bunyan said...

Jill, I agree with what you said about this class giving us the opportunity to identify the politics that are constantly around us and better prepare for them, but I disagree on the play fairly aspect of that.

I don't feel that there is a "fair" way to use politics. Colin said that everyone uses power differently, I think politics are the same way. You can't play fair if everyone is playing the game differently.

I also liked the attacker/victim model that we went over last class. I had never thought of that model in that way before. And I'm with you on identifying the politics where I work.

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