Thursday, December 04, 2008

Before entering the Corporate Politics class, I only thought that politics were played by the powerful, the upper crust, those that were type A business savvy people. Needless to say, I held negative perceptions of the "game" called politics. I now understand that politics is not game, per se, but a way of life. We are constantly being exposed to politics on a daily basis as long as we are engaging socially. I was only thinking about the aggressive and overt behaviors when first asked to define politics and power. I now understand that I have been apart of politics all my life.

I believe that everyone has their own style of politics. Their political personality that fits their style of social interaction. Those caught unaware that an interaction in the workplace holds more than its outward appearance, are those most affected by persuasion and outcomes of events beyond their control. Much like persuasion, politics needs to be inoculated against. Exposure to the variety of political personalities in a workplace will give an individual a better understanding of the relationships, culture, and your place at an organization.

Understanding politics also provides an insight into an individuals behavior and personality. This comes from the reflection of observing others demonstrate their political power abilities. With Dr. Ranker's help in defining others behavior in Political Dilemmas at Work, better preparation and action to remedy situations in the workplace will occur. Acknowledging that politics does take place and that you are apart of it regardless of your say in the matter is the first step to understanding how you can capitalize on the opportunities rather than being left behind.

From this class I have acknowledged the fact I am apart of politics. I am also aware that everyone engages in some type of politicking. This is nothing to be scared of, just to be aware of. When you are aware, you are prepared.


Blogger Jasmin said...

I still feel that politics are general “bad” because of the personal gain and the counterproductive behavior associated with the political dilemmas at work. These political dilemmas are often difficult decisions, too. However, the “good” is that politics serve a necessary purpose.

I also think that you are right on to say that personality is a part of politics. We all have a toolbox or bag of tricks that we use depending on our personally style and our strengths and weaknesses. Personality can also come out when we are under a lot of pressure.

1:34 AM  
Blogger JRollingson said...


I also like your statement, "understanding politics also provides an insight into an individuals behavior and personality." This mirrors the idea that Jasmine states in her comment that we can look at politics as a bag of dirty tricks or as a toolbox. How we use politics defines us and how we are perceived by others.

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