Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gary Ranker... The Corporate Politics Coach

In today’s dynamic corporate climate, competition among executives has developed into a costly, time consuming reality. This corporate politicizing between individuals is sapping their productivity and efficiency and is increasingly demanding attention within organizations. Dr. Gary Ranker is perhaps one of the only executive coaches who specialize in coaching individuals to navigate their corporate politicized worlds.

Dr. Gary Ranker is recognized worldwide as an authority in executive coaching and a pioneer in coaching corporate politics. He has been listed by Forbes Magazine as “one of the top five executive coaches” and the Financial Times named him one of the “top 50 worldwide Thought Leaders.” Dr. Ranker has 17 years of experience as an executive coach, specializing in corporate politics, a facet of executive coaching that he has almost single handedly pioneered. Gary Ranker is the corporate politics coach. He has been invited to be a member of the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management's 30 Distinguished Thought Leaders, and Marshall Goldsmith has this to say about Gary:

“Few people who call themselves ‘executive coaches’ have as much top-level experience as Gary. He is very comfortable with high-powered, extremely successful executives – who have the highest expectations from any advisor. If the potential client is working in an environment where issues of power and politics are key – which is often the case – Gary is the best coach there is.


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